The Dynamic Plan Designer

built to help you evaluate and decide faster, consider alternatives more easily, and build your cost sharing strategies in real time. 

Today’s problems require a modern solution, yet 99% of our competitors will still be coming to the table with the same stale, static presentations that they’ve been using for the last 20 years. Take advantage of our unique ability to answer questions in real-time, and clearly guide you and your organization’s healthcare needs through options to the right decisions.

Allow us to enhance the boardroom presence by using the Dynamic Plan Designer to showcase our expertise in plan designs. We will be able to hold a different conversation with you in ways that our competitors using spreadsheets can’t.

We can graphically depict your plan designs in a way that you will easily understand. Employers will be able to see the impact on their bottom line and on employee benefits at a single glance. Plan options will be easily comparable, and employers will feel in control of their benefit options.

We can guide the conversation with you to quickly finalize plan selections. Engaged employers will be able to see the impact to plan design changes immediately rather than waiting for someone to run new spreadsheets ‘back at the office’.

Renewal and New business meetings will never be the same!  Easily select plans from a plan library to share design options with your employees. Receive a Free 15-Minute Consultation

Interactively evaluate health insurance plan design options in minutes. Gain a whole new perspective over the traditional three-ring binder or spreadsheet analysis that has become “static” and irrelevant today.

Increased value by allowing us to guide you through complex and difficult decisions brought on by rising costs, tighter budgets and consumer driven healthcare…All in real time!